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A helpful guide to Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are still very much on the motoring scene, despite the influx of electric car registrations into the market place.

But at the moment, Hybrid car sales and leases are still very popular and with more and more manufacturers releasing their models into the market place, there is more choice than ever.

We look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Hybrid Car:

Advantages to a Hybrid Car:

Whilst generally cheaper than electric cars, the Hybrid car can still give you the advantages depending on the model chosen, in particular those who can get away with using the range of a plugin hybrid for their daily commute.

Range anxiety can get the best of all of us, in particular those who drive pure electric cars, but the benefit of being able to top the car up with fuel and use the old fashion engine to get around, is a plus for many of us.

Hybrid cars recharge as you drive or even brake, at the moment the lack of electric charging points in the UK, make the Hybrid cars look extremely attractive to most.

Disadvantages to a Hybrid Car:

You miss out on quite a few of the Government incentives by purchasing a hybrid car over an electric car.

They aren’t really that environmentally friendly and in real-world costs, sometimes a hybrid car can work out more expensive to own and run as a conventional diesel or petrol equivalent.

A hybrid can require a little bit more complicated maintenance due to the onboard electrics and mechanics that make up a hybrid car. The engine will also require servicing as would a traditional fossil fuel engine.

The best Hybrid Cars of 2020:

Here is a list of Hybrid Cars that we feel are really making a difference in the motoring world for 2020:

BMW 330e M Sport Auto

BMW have really taken the best of their range and attached their Plugin Hybrid technology to make this car a must for company car drivers or those who want to dip into owning/running a plugin hybrid.

Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid

We’ve already delivered a number of these to our customers this year and we know why they are so popular. It takes the best features of the Volvo XC90 and makes the car more attractive in terms of running costs and the environment.

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Prius has always been at the forefront of the hybrid car sector with many Hollywood stars choosing this to show their awareness of climate change. But Toyota have this time made a car that looks good, drives much better and has fantastic build quality.

We’re here to help with your next Hybrid Car!

If you are looking at purchasing or leasing a Hybrid car we can help. We also have a range of short term car lease options.

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