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7g/km For C-Charge Exemption

Transport in London is planned to be dropping the congestion charge exemption boundary from sub-100g/km to 75g/km or under, this target is set to happen from 1 July 2013. However vehicles emittingunder 100g/km registered with TfL by 28 June 2013 would still qualify for the 100% discount on the £10 daily charge until 26 June 2015, when they revert to the same rate as higher-emitting cars. TfL is also planning to make low-CO2 vans eligible for the sub 75g/km boundary, which hasn’t previously been the case. All vehicles eligible for the full discount have to be registered with TfL for an annual £10 charge.

TfL is also planning to raise the fine for non-payment by £10 to £130 from 29 April 2013, and remove the ability to pay the charge i shops or petrol stations from 28 June 2013, leaving autopay, online, text message or post as the payment methods. the consultation on the changes runs from 19 November 2012 to 8 Febuary 2013.

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