3 Possible ways to avoid public transport for the next month

3 Possible ways to avoid public transport for the next month

best way to avoid public transport during lockdown

The government have given their updated guidelines and have said that people who can go to work and cannot work from home must try and at the same time avoid public transport.

Depending on where you live, if public transport is ruled out, then it might be impossible to get to the workplace, but we give you 3 different ideas on how you could get to work.

1. Purchase a bike

Sales of bikes have risen dramatically over the last month with many people using this as their form of exercise. Now the government is pushing people who need to go to their workplace to either walk or cycle.

Buying a bike is probably more of a nightmare than purchasing a car so here are a few top tips in getting the best bike for you;

  1. Use a local independent bike shop – Most of these are still open and will be run by people passionate about their business and your hobby. On top of this, they will set the bike up for you and offer regular maintenance to keep those cogs turning.
  2. Buy cheap, buy twice – It works for most things but if you see a bike on the shelf of your local supermarket for £50, something says to be that this may cause you a few headaches in the future.
  3. Take advantage of a Cycle to Work Scheme – You can save 25-39% when purchasing a new bike and at the moment there is no limit. The scheme also covers some accessories.

Massive thanks to Bike Pedlars of Retford for these helpful tips.

2. Research E-Bikes and E-Scooters

The government recently announced a £250 million investment in cycle lanes, within this proposal was a fast-track proposal to roll out the E-Scooter program which are currently illegal to ride on UK roads and pavements.

E-bikes on the other hand offer assisted riding to help with that daily commute, especially if their are hills en-route.

Some of the bikes/scooters may also be eligible for the Cycle to Work Scheme

3. Lease a car for a month

You didn’t think we’d write an article without mentioning short term car leases did you?

Yes, if you want to avoid public transport, then a short term car lease, in particular our month-to-month car subscription and long term flexible car contracts would be a good move.

Whilst usually our best rates are for vehicles on 90 days or more, if you fall into the key worker sector, in particular NHS, Rolls-Royce, Police, etc, then we will provide you the best rates based on a minimum of 30 days.

We offer a collection service from the specified fleet centre or for a small fee, we can deliver to England, Wales and Scotland.

Once you’ve finished with the car, just complete the online return request form and you can bring the car back, nice and easy with little commitment. Which is great especially due to the current Covid-19 rules

Find out more about our month-to-month car leases

We hope these ideas of avoiding public transport help and if you would like more information on our month-to-month car leases, then please call our sales team on 01332 290173 or complete the online form below.

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