VW Golf GTD 2014

VW Golf GTD 2014 VW Golf GTD 2014 is being delivered to an existing customer this afternoon. Due to a number of requests we have taken more detailed photographs and put them on the video below to show off this fantastic car. The VW Golf GTD is usually available on both Fixed and Flexible contracts, […]

Road Fund Licence is changing

Road Fund Licence is changing! Road fund licence is changing and as of the 1st October 2014, you will no longer have to display a tax disc in your windscreen, something that has been done in the UK since 1921. You now have to register your vehicle for road tax online, this can be done […]

New Cars coming in 2014

New Cars coming in 2014 We all love new cars in the Cocoon Vehicles office, so we thought we would list some of our favorite that are due to appear in the back end of this year. Audi A1 Facelift Whilst we all love the Audi A1 in this office, they really do need to […]

Mercedes GLA 45 AMG

Mercedes GLA 45 AMG is available now. Mercedes GLA 45 AMG is really exciting the boys and girls in the Cocoon Vehicles offices, already big fans of both the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG and the Mercedes A 45 AMG, with the most powerful road legal 2.0 litre, Mercedes is now selling the GLA with the […]

Vehicle Black Boxes

Vehicle Black Boxes Vehicle Black boxes may soon become compulsory, if the EU finds the project feasible. They have asked the Transport Research Laboratory to begin a study to see if it would make a significant difference to safety, aid police investigations and even speed up on going court procedures. As well as looking into […]